Live Voting
Live Voting during lectures with quick results for speakers.
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Mobile Application
Live Voting is extension of our Mobile application for events, and its needed to order it along with Live Voting.
Questions for Speakers
Other extension of our Mobile Application is Questions to Speakers plug-in. Easy administration of all questions for chairperson.
Live Voting features
  • Unlimited number of votings during event
  • Parallel voting in more halls
  • Unlimited number of answers
  • Voting identification by 3-digit code
  • Possibility to re-join running voting
  • One vote during each voting for each device
  • Stage view for audience in hall
  • Easy administration in minutes
Pricing & Contact
If you have some questions or want a bid for your event, please contact us!

Mr. Tomas Halla
business manager
+420 606 210 870